The Toronto Farmer serves as an officially recognized provincial organization that represents a network of farmers’ markets throughout Ontario. The organization’s core mission encompasses:

  • Provision of a diverse range of services to its members, which includes services such as liability insurance, management support, government relations, marketing assistance, and opportunities for professional development.
  • Actively promoting its member markets, endorsing local farmers, and educating Ontario consumers about the advantages of shopping at and supporting local farmers’ markets.

Since its inception, The Toronto Farmer has been at the forefront, advocating on behalf of farmers’ markets when engaging with municipalities, regulatory bodies, and potential funders. This dedicated effort is geared towards safeguarding the health and long-term sustainability of Ontario’s farmers’ markets. 

With a massive network of farmers’ markets across the province, The Toronto Farmer remains committed to fostering the growth of farmers’ markets, which in turn benefits local farmers, promotes local food, and enhances the overall experience for Ontario consumers.