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Check out the categories below to connect with local producers.
This is a list in progress; new farms & businesses are always joining Toronto markets!

Vegetables & Herbs
Meat, Fish & Poultry
Dairy Products
Baked Goods and Grains
Honey & Maple Syrup
Coffee and Tea 
Pickles, Preserves & Specialty Foods
Prepared Food
Plants and Seeds
Cut Flowers


Vegetables & Herbs

Afri-Can Food Basket: (vegetables)

Austin’s Pick: (vegetables, as well as orchard fruit)

Chick-a-Biddy Acres: (vegetables & CSA)

Chiwa Gardens: (Quinoa greens)

Cookstown Greens: (organic specialty produce)

Country Meadows Gardens: (organic heirloom tomatoes, herbs)

Everdale Farm & Black Creek Community Farm: (organic vegetables & CSA)

Fiddlehead Farm: (vegetables & CSA)

Footstep Organics: (city-grown organic vegetables)

Forsythe Family Farms: (vegetables and fruit)

Fresh City Farms: (city-grown vegetables)

Fun Guy Farm: (mushrooms)

Grassroot Organics: (vegetables)

Honest Field Farms:  (city-grown vegetables from Hamilton)

Kawartha Ecological Growers: (vegetables, fruits, grains, meats, etc.)

Kind Organics: (sprouts, greens, teas, kombucha, water kefir, chocolate)

Knuckle Down Farm: (organic vegetables)

Lifespring Farm: (Biodynamic vegetables, as well as beef)

Marvellous Edibles: (vegetables, as well as meat and preserves)

Meadow Sweet Farm: (organic vegetables, including winter greenhouse production, and meat)

Nith Valley Organics: (organic vegetables)

North Gate Organics: (organic vegetables, CSA)

PACT Urban Peace Program: (city-grown vegetables)

P & H Farms: (organic vegetables, as well as hazelnuts, herbal teas and more)

Plan B Organics: (organic vegetables, CSA)

Potager DuKanada: (vegetables)

Rolling Hills Organics: (specializing in organic salad mix and herbs)

Round Plains: (sweet potatoes, baking)

Rye’s Homegrown: (city-grown vegetables from Ryerson University)

School Grown: (employs youth in market gardens at Toronto high schools)

Shared Harvest: (community farm selling vegetables and ferments)

Sideroad Natural Farm: (vegetables & meats)

Sosnicki Organic Produce: (organic vegetables)

Southern Horizons:  (specialty vegetables)

Thames River Melons:  (vegetables and fruit – especially melons – from field and greenhouse)

The Cutting Veg: (organic vegetables, garlic)

The Healthy Choice Farm: (organic vegetables)

Thiessen Farms: (vegetables, herbs, fruits)

Twin Creeks: (vegetables, meats, CSA)

Vicki’s (heirloom vegetables, CSA)

Wheelbarrow Farm: (vegetables, pastured pork)

Whole Circle Farm: (biodynamic vegetables, grains, meats)

Willowtree: (vegetables, fruit)

Wicklow Way: (organic vegetables, baking)

Willo-Wind Farm: (vegetables, meats, eggs)

Woolerdale Farm: (vegetables)

Yoga Thyme Herbs: (herbs and herb products, including infused vinegars and teas)

stone fruit


Avalon Orchards: (organic apples)

Baba Link Farm: (organic fruit, berries, flowers, vegetables and herbs)

Bizjak Farms: (peaches, cherries, plums, apples, pears and other fruits)

Feast of Fields: (organic grapes, juice, tender fruits, berries, apples)

Jerry’s Berries: (raspberries)

Thiessen Farms: (tender fruits & berries, in addition to vegetables)

Warner’s Farm: (cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, pears, apples, grapes, nuts, cider)


Meats, Poultry and Fish

Akiwenzies Fish & More:

Beaver Vale: (grass-fed beef)

Beretta Farms: (organic beef, pork)

Buschbeck Farms: (pastured beef, lamb)

Deer Valley (venison)

Dolce Lucano: (cured meats)

Earth Haven Farm: (biodynamic beef)

Field Sparrow Farms: (grass-fed beef, pastured pork)

Fisherfolk: (Canadian fish & seafood)

Green Gate Farms: (beef and pork)

Hogtown Charcuterie:  (preserved & smoked meats, meat pies, baked goods)

Hooked: (sustainably sourced fish and shellfish)

Marvellous Edibles: (pastured beef, pork & poultry, as well as vegetables & preserves)

Niagara Food Specialties: (Italian-inspired salami, including prosciutto, pancetta and more)

Nyman Farms: (beef, pork and poultry)

Phoenix and Arnold Grass Fed Beef: (grass-fed beef)

Stoddart Family Farm: (organic beef, fowl, lamb, wool, meat CSA)

This Little Pig: (bacon, smoked pork chops)

Twin Creeks: (pastured pork, grass-fed beef, lamb, CSA)

Willo’Wind: (poultry, pork and beef)


Dairy Products

Best Baa Farms and Ewenity Dairy (artisanal sheep’s milk cheeses, yogurt, milk, ice cream)

Cross Wind Farm: (goats’ milk, cheeses, yogurt, meat and soaps)

Fifth Town Cheese: (artisanal cheeses)

Monforte Dairy: (artisanal goat, sheep, water buffalo and other cheeses)

Red Door Dairy:  (artisanal cheese)

Upper Canada Cheese Company: (cheese made with Guernsey cow or goats’ milk)


Baked Goods and Grains

Breadsong Bakery: (natural baked goods)

Curbside Bliss Cupcakes: (cupcakes)

DeFloured: (gluten-free baked goods)

De La Terre: (organic artisan breads and pastries)

Delish Kitch: (gluten and wheat-free baking)

Evelyn’s Crackers: (crackers, granola, cookies and pancake mixes from local, organic grains)

Grainstorm: (grain and baking mixes made from organic heritage grains)

Humble Bread: (naturally-leavened breads)

Humble Pies: (pies and tarts)

Jules Patisserie: (traditional French baking)

LPK’s Culinary (baked goods with local ingredients; some gluten-free)

Marche 59: (fresh-baked bread & desserts)

Molly B’s Gluten-Free Baking: (gluten-free baked goods)

Nature’s Way Organics (Passion Popcorn): (organic popcorn, pulses and soy beans- and also some vegetables)

The Nut Bakery: (low-sugar cookies, granola bars and other treats made mostly with nuts)

Peter Piper’s Pastry Shop: (cakes and pastries)

Round Plains: (baked goods all containing farm-grown sweet potatoes)

Sugar Mamma’s Mini Donuts: (mini donuts)

St. John’s Bakery: (organic artisanal breads and sweets)


Honey and Maple Syrup

Bees are Life: (honey and bee products)

Bees (honey and bee products)

Danbrie Farms: (maple syrup)

Elfsong Apiaries: (honey, body products made with beeswax)

Honey Pie: (honey, teas, cosmetics)

Leitch’s Honey: (honey, candles, cosmetics)

Marigold’s Maple Syrup: (maple syrup)

Staite’s Honey: (honey, bee products)

Coffee and Tea

Chocosol: (chocolate, coffee, tortillas)

Kurtis Coffee: (brewed coffee and beans)

Macchina Mobile: (cups of espresso from a tiny, 3-wheeled food truck)

Merchants of Green Coffee: (brewed coffee and green arabica beans)

Oikos Teas: (organic, directly-traded teas from Sri Lanka)

Tibo Teas: www.facebook/tibo  (locally-grown herbal and medicinal teas)

pickled carrots

Pickles, Preserves and Specialty Foods


Alchemy Pickle Company: (fermented pickles, condiments, naturally-carbonated beverages)

Eudora’s Fine Foods: (preserves, sauces and prepared foods)

Forbes Wild  (fresh, dried and preserved wild foods, mushrooms, maple syrup, nuts)

Kozlik’s Mustard: (mustard)

Manning Canning: (preserves)

Ontario’s Own: (stocks, soups, sauces)

Pyramid Farm & (fermented pickles, kombucha)

Saha Cuisine: (Asian and Middle Eastern-inspired gourmet sauces)

Spade & Spoon: (preserves)

Toorshi (pickles)

Ying Ying Soy Food:  (tofus made from local organic soybeans, miso)


Prepared Foods





Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops: (ice pops and soups)

Chefe’s Natural Kitchen: (low-sugar, low-fat, vegan snacks and sweets)

Cookie Martinez: (home-style cooking with a Latin twist)

Doug McNish Vegan Inc.: (organic, vegan, gluten-free foods)

Earth and City: (raw, vegan dips, drinks, sweets and savories)

Hearty Catering: (vegetarian wraps, soups and more)

Lazy Daisy Cafe: (sandwiches and more)

Louise Prete Fine Foods: (Italian-inspired fare)

Mr. Spinner’s Functional Foods: (healthy Caribbean cooking, from jerk chicken sandwiches to sauces)

My Little Dumplings: (dumplings and fritters, soups)

Organic Elves: (healthy & seasonal foods, including vegan options)

Pimenton: (Spanish and Mediterranean Fine Foods)

Sweet Sammies: (gourmet ice cream sandwiches)

TC’s Tibetian Momo: www.facebook/TC (vegetarian and beef-filled dumplings)

Tiffinday Inc.: (Indian vegan cuisine)

Unrefined Toronto: (juices and beverages)


Plants and Seeds

Backyard Urban Farm (BUFCO): (seedlings, seeds, cut flowers, raised beds installations and kits, and gardening services)

Country Meadows (organic heirloom tomato seeds and seedlings, herb and vegetable seedlings)

Matchbox Garden & Seed Co.: (vegetable seeds & seedlings)

Urban (heirloom vegetable, flower, herb and native species seeds and seedlings)

Cut Flowers

Andrews Scenic Acres:  (a variety of cut flowers, as well as vegetables and small fruits)

Elfsong  (seasonal flowers, especially peonies, sweet peas, and zinnias, as well as honey)

Floralora: (a wide variety of sustainably-grown flowers)

La Primavera:  (specializing in sunflowers, but grow a wide variety of flowers)

Sweet Gale Gardens (at Fresh City Farms): (a unique selection of flowers all grown right here in Toronto!)

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