June 2014

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Happy Local Food Week, everyone!

What are your reasons to love local? Here are ten of ours:

  • We like food that hasn’t been riding on a truck from thousands of miles away.
  • Local food production helps our economy.
  • We believe that rural communities are an important part of Ontario’s past and future.
  • Ontario’s farmland should be cherished, productive and protected, not gobbled up by urban sprawl while we eat food from afar.
  • Direct local sales venues like farmers’ markets are great incubators for small local businesses.
  • Farmers’ markets offer tremendous variety, including heirloom vegetables with unbeatable flavour instead of ones selected to withstand long shipping distances.
  • We love meeting the people who grow and make our food and learning from them.
  • Farmers’ markets bring local communities together.
  • Strong demand for what they produce gives farmers a reason to look ahead with hope.

Come on out to a farmers’ market this week and taste our fresh local harvests!