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Market Managers, Farmers and Vendors: Head to  to see or register for the shiny new Market Matchmaker!  You just might find a perfect match!


Confused about the origin of some products at your market?

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There has been recent media coverage of farmers’ market  ‘resellers’ who buy what they sell rather than producing it. Customers have a right to know where the products at markets come from, and market vendors and managers have a responsibility to be open and clear about what’s being offered for sale.

When resellers purposefully lead customers to believe that they are the original growers or producers of the products, this deception undermines the hard work of  farmers who bring great local food to our markets direct from their farms, and the dedicated community members who organize them.

Are you looking for products that are direct from the farm? Here are a few tips.

  • Ask your local market manager about the rules regarding reselling, and whether they have a way of verifying where the foods at the market come from.

  • Learn when things are in season. Foodland Ontario has a helpful Availability Guide:

  • If you see something you don’t expect, ask the vendor about it. You might learn that they have a greenhouse or controlled storage, or that they bring items in addition to their own to broaden selection at some times of year.

  • Sometimes you might find that farmers are too busy or too tired to have a lengthy chat, that they finished harvesting late and got up early, or their tomatoes got blight, or there was an early frost. Pretty soon you’ll know who ‘your’ farmers are.

 Farmers’ markets are great places to learn about food and farming. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity:

Fall 2017

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Some of us feel like summer just got started in time for fall to arrive this year! Harvests are still going strong, and market farmers will have cool weather greens, apples, root veggies, and much more available in the coming months. If your summer market is packing up until next year, take a look at our list of Toronto’s year-round farmers’ markets. Each year, our local food selection gets broader, and this fall, market farmers with great ideas can apply for matching funding to support the development of new or improved crops and production methods. You can read more about the Partners in Production program on

2016-11-17 20.12.36

Summer 2017

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Our biggest ever list of markets is ready for you!

Invite your colleagues, your neighbours, your friends, and your third-cousins-twice-removed to join you in exploring the great food and fun at Toronto’s farmers’ markets this season.

2015-07-23 22.13.28 (1)

What will you find?

  • The freshest produce, including varieties rarely seen in supermarkets (how about some Hakurei turnips or Haskap berries?)
  • Delicious ready-to-eat meals made with local ingredients and world flavours all the way from Amazonian Crepes to Zimbabwean Pies
  • Top quality meats, artisanal cheeses, and specialty products
  • Great people who are dedicated to producing wonderful food!

April 2017

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No fooling, spring is on the way, and that means exciting plans are in the works for the outdoor market season! At Toronto’s year-round farmers’ markets, you can enjoy the last storage crops and the first greenhouse crops, along with a great selection of other foods, including local cheeses and yogurt, meats, poultry, fish and tofu, baking made with ON grains, prepared and specialty foods to suit all tastes and dietary requirements, ferments, jams and chutneys, freshly roasted coffee, honey, maple syrup, and the list goes on (and on)! Find a market to love near you!

Market Managers and Vendors: The GBFMN Matchmaker can help you find each other! Sign up on the Matchmaking page.

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February 2017

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This month marks the launch of the Toronto Public Food Markets Working Group, which will bring together City staff from many divisions, market organizers, and representatives from organizations concerned with food security and local agriculture. By working together, we hope to open up communication, streamline processes, build support and opportunities, and celebrate Toronto as one of the world’s great Market Cities!

Drop by Honest Ed’s the last weekend of the month for the ‘Toronto for Everyone’ Farewell Party. Toronto’s Farmers’ Markets will be represented in a lively, free market zone. 

Keep it local and find a market to love on our list of winter markets!

Market Managers, Farmers and Other Vendors, Visit our Matchmaking Page!

January 2017

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It’s a New Year, and we’ve got New Products coming to Toronto Farmers’ Markets, and New Farmers ready to join, with sustainably grown produce, fresh flowers, pastured meats, and more. Your support contributes to their success!

Greenhouse Eatery cooking

When it comes to a dependable local food supply, farmland preservation, and building local farming knowledge and capacity, we’re all in this together.

December 2016

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Celebrate the season with the friendly folks at Toronto’s Farmers’ Markets! Weekly year-round markets are held at Toronto Botanical Gardens, Sorauren Park, Wychwood Barns, Dufferin Grove, Montgomery’s Inn, St. Lawrence North, and Evergreen Brick Works, and there are some winter market dates at Sick Kids Hospital, too. Our List of  Winter Markets includes links, locations and hours.


We’re fortunate to have expert growers who know how to extend the harvest season as well as how to keep storage crops top quality, so you can keep eating healthy local produce while the snow flies.

Now that Ontario has improved options for ‘small flocks’, we’ve got chicken at more markets, along with pasture-raised pork, beef, duck and other choices. We’ve got fresh eggs, local cheeses and yogurt, as well as tofu and tempeh– no shortage of local protein!


Market tables are loaded with treats that make wonderful gifts or additions to special menus: chutneys, jams and jellies, maple syrup and honey, baking (including great gluten-free options) wild foods and many other specialties.


Wishing you and yours Healthy and Happy Holidays!

October 2016

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Happy Harvest Season! We hope you’re enjoying Ontario’s beautiful fall bounty.

October is a month of big changes, as many markets go from bustling to ‘see you next year’!


If your go-to market is a seasonal one, we encourage you to look for ways to keep eating local until it returns. For example, customers at Withrow Park Farmers’ Market can sign up for deliveries from Fiddlefoot Farm

Some markets operate biweekly (Sick Kids) or monthly (U of T Scarborough), and some remain open straight on through. Check our list of year-round markets to see which one could meet all your indoor season local food needs.

If you’re just too far away from a year-round market, consider asking grocery stores (big or small) to bring in more local foods. Sweet Potato in the Junction, Karma Coop in the Annex, For Life in Kensington, and the West End Food Coop in Parkdale are a few examples of stores that support local farmers. After all, we’ve all got to eat all year long!

September 2016

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We’re making headlines….

Councillor Mary Fragedakis has put forward a motion asking City Council to support the formation of a working group on Public Food Markets. We hope this will lead to good things for Toronto!
You can read the Metro News article about this development, and download the text of Councillor Fragedakis’s motion here: public-markets-motion-to-ecdev-oct-2016-final.


What a perfect time of year! Our markets are bursting at the seams with terrific Ontario harvests. Load up, feast on local flavours, and be sure to put some of the bounty in your pantry and freezer for those long winter months.

peppers and eggplants

Best produce right now? Tomatoes of all kinds, peppers, eggplants, late peaches and early apples, grapes, plums, zucchini, corn on the cob, wild blueberries, kale, beans, watermelons…get the idea?


This month, we’ve got the Toronto Garlic Festival to look forward to! Farmers, chefs, specialty vendors and educators will be showing off everything garlic on Sunday, September 18th, from 10 am to 5 pm at Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie.

Hop on the TTC to get there; as they say in The Big Apple,

a nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat!

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